Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.

As a mom of a rambunctious, fierce yet dainty 15 month old toddler, coffee is my side chick. I secretly want to be able to go get a bougie double espresso, neat (kidding) from the hippest café. Yet as much as I want to and have indulged in those high-end $10 one sip drinks I really dislike them. Bitter, not sweet, too sweet, you name it. I am totally down for a medium iced coffee, with 1 pump of mocha and 1 of caramel, cream and 1 sugar from Dunkin Donuts (aka DD’s from us New Englanders) but even after I order the usual from there I am still never that satisfied. This is exactly why I love my Keurig. It’s always there when I need it. Never a line. Always made perfect. Up until recently I would get my Keurig cups at the local grocery store always getting the basic-playing it safe K-cups, until… Bed Bath and Beyond. Hello, why did I never know how incredible this store was for coffee. You can go in, try out the newest lux coffee brewer and try every.single.flavor k-cup. I could hypothetically have a tea party there and never fear of running out or not having the right flavor for someone. So now I am always getting delicious new flavors knowing I love them and not fearing the package I buy will be wasted by my picky taste. Cheers!


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